Anasuya: I am Not Item Girl, Special Heroine!

Anasuya Bharadwaj said she never said she would not perform for special songs. However, she took strong objections to call them ‘item songs’.

She doesn’t want to be recognized as an item girl when she performs in special songs.

Reminding her earlier statements that she would not do item songs again, one of her followers asked why did she appear in an item song in “Chaavu Kaburu Challaga”.

Reacting to his question, she replied,” Adi “item” song kadu..asalu “item” song anedi edi ledamma..oka paata ki unna cast kakunda special ga evaranna kavali anukunnappudu “special” song ostundi Okappudu ammai ni vastuvu la treat chesevallu ichina peru adi And aa Lyrics valle nenu ee special song oppukunnanu.”

Whether you term it as a special song or an item song, the fact remains that her ‘dance movements’ or gestures in the song are anything but sensuous.

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