GreatAndhra Exclusive: Samantha and Nandini's Chit Chat

Oh Baby is certainly one of the most awaited movies of the season especially after that rib tickling trailer showcasing Samantha in a never seen before character.

The film is a remake of Korean comedy called Miss Granny. Director Nandini Reddy and Samantha talk about how Oh Baby happened in this exclusive chit chat for Great Andhra.

Samantha was the first to approach Nandini with the idea of remaking Miss Granny and Nandini Reddy was bowled over by the concept just after watching its trailer.

They were confused about whom to cast as the old lady and finally zeroed in on veteran actress Lakshmi.

Director Nandini says that both Lakshmi and Samantha have similar features and even their height matches!

Nandini Reddy is confident of Oh Baby impressing audience and becoming one of the memorable films for Samantha.

Also Samantha is so excited about the release of Oh Baby that has been one of the most challenging roles to play.

Sam says the job is so strenuous that she doesn't even want to play the character again even if there is a plan of doing sequel to it.