Top Crorepathi Candidates In Telugu States

During the nomination process, all candidates are required to submit an affidavit detailing their assets and liabilities, a routine procedure. 

Konda Vishwesvara Reddy consistently ranks in top list in terms of assets among candidates in the Telugu states.

Each time he runs for office, he astounds everyone by declaring assets worth thousands of crores in his affidavit. If such a significant amount is officially disclosed, one can only speculate about his unofficial holdings. This time, Konda declared his assets (including inherited wealth) at Rs. 4564 crores.

However, contrary to popular belief, he isn't the wealthiest candidate in the Telugu states. Guntur TDP MP candidate Pemmasani Chandrasekhar has surpassed Konda in this regard. According to the affidavit submitted to the Election Commission, his assets are valued at a staggering Rs. 5704 crores. Readmore!

Chandrasekhar, contesting as the TDP MP candidate from Guntur, is an NRI with most of his assets located in America. He holds an MD in Medicine from Pennsylvania, and his wife is also a doctor. Pemmasani is involved in businesses in the USA.

In addition to owning an expensive Rolls Royce Ghost car, he possesses two Benz cars and a Tesla. He owns extensive properties in Texas and Hyderabad and maintains substantial deposits in JP Morgan bank in the USA. Furthermore, his wife owns two and a half kilograms of gold.

All of these details were disclosed in his affidavit. Additionally, Chandrasekhar revealed debts amounting to Rs. 1038 crores. Presently, he stands as the wealthiest among the MP candidates from the Telugu states with Rs. 5704 crores of assets. 

Narayana Ponguru, representing the Telugu Desam Party from Nellore, declared that he owns properties valued at Rs 806 crore. He stated that his assets amount to Rs 214 crore, while his wife Ramadevi Ponguru's assets are worth Rs 592 crore.

Lokam Madhavi, the Janasena candidate of Nelimarla constituency declared her net worth as Rs 895 Cr. 

Ex-CM Chandrababu Naidu decalred his family assets worth Rs 931 Cr. 

Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy's family assets soar to Rs 757 crore.

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