Pawan Kalyan Presents Advance Payments as Loans

Pawan Kalyan stated his income, assets, liabilities, and loans in his affidavit filed with the Election Commission of India while running for the Pithapuram Assembly constituency as a Jana Sena candidate.

The affidavit is sufficient for his political opponents to identify the discrepancies.

The affidavit demonstrates that he has been spreading false claims in order to maintain his image.

Only a few months ago, his fans and followers mentioned that he sold off his Hyderabad properties to run his party.  Readmore!

However, in his affidavit, he stated that he purchased more than 1000 square yards of land in a prime location - Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. He purchased this property in March 2024.

Interestingly, he also claimed to have taken loans from other individuals totaling Rs 46.70 crore. He borrowed money from predominantly production companies, producers, and film financiers. It appears that he is claiming "advance payment" from producers as loans.

Mythri Movie Makers handed him Rs 8.50 crore, Haarika Haasine paid Rs 6.50 crore, and producer Ram Talluri's firm gave him Rs 6 crore.

Cine Financiers made around Rs 8.50 crore. DVV Danayya just provided a "personal loan" of Rs 10 lakhs.

A deeper examination of his affidavit reveals how Pawan Kalyan has been twisting about his income and assets.

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