Jersey Trailer Nani Steals The Thunder

Jersey is a sports drama starring Nani in the lead role. Nani plays the role of Arjun, a cricketer who makes an attempt to prove his worth to the world in mid thirties.

The trailer of Jersey gives away a lot about the plot, but still leaves its viewers wanting for more.

Credit to Nani's incredibly striking performance as Arjun, who makes a living on his wife's earnings and by borrowing from friends.

The film's plot has some resemblances to recently released Majili that also has cricket as its backdrop. But it is Nani's performance which makes Jersey an authentic sports drama.

He looks very natural and immensely believable as a cricketer in every aspect. Shraddha Srinath as his wife leaves a strong impression in the trailer. 

The most stunning aspect of Jersey's trailer is the cinematography and Anirudh's background score.

Sports dramas are rarely made on Telugu screen and the director Gautham Tinnanuri seems to have made an authentic, emotional and inspirational sports film.

Sitara Entertainments bankrolled Jersey that is set to release on April 19.