Public Talk: Film Celebs On Chiranjeevi's Endorsements

Chiranjeevi, who has been keeping hismelf at bay from politics, is seen endorsing the candidatures of some 'special' candidates, and this has become a topi of discussion.

We have gathered opinions from individuals in the film industry on this topic. 

Many of them have shared their views anonymously, and here are a few.

"Chiranjeevi is natural on screen but always seems artificial off-screen. His endorsements appear contrived and fail to resonate with viewers. Thus, his endorsements are essentially futile, especially in politics," remarks a writer turned director. Readmore!

"Chiranjeevi campaigned for Ashwini Dutt once, but after suffering a shocking defeat, Dutt's camp regretted seeking Chiranjeevi's support," reveals a producer.

"Chiranjeevi's involvement in politics is ill-fated. Politics is not his forte, whether leading a party or endorsing candidates during elections. Nevertheless, he continues, leading to trolls against him," shares a senior director.

"Chiranjeevi wants to live like 'andarivaadu'. But he becomes 'kondarivaadu' with this kind if useless endorsements", said a senior director who is known for his humorous talk. 

"Jagan Mohan Reddy has given tickets to individuals from humble backgrounds like a tipper lorry driver, coolie and a common 'karyakartha' to contest elections. If Chiranjeevi wishes to remain neutral, he should endorse and support them. Otherwise, endorsing only BJP, TDP, and Janasena leaders will be seen as biased. Additionally, he should resign from Congress before endorsing candidates from other parties to maintain ethical standards," suggests a popular lyricist who penned songs for Chiranjeevi's films as well.

"Chiranjeevi supporting candidates who are known as bank defaulters, financial criminals, and excessively wealthy during elections is absurd. If he truly wants to do something meaningful, he should endorse non controversial candidates from BJP, TDP, and Janasena", says a director who made a film with Chiranjeevi earlier. 

"Chiranjeevi's endorsements may be influenced by his brother Pawan Kalyan's expectations. Perhaps Pawan is promising endorsements from his elder brother to certain candidates in exchange for certain conditions. Thus, Chiranjeevi feels obliged to endorse selected candidates suggested by Pawan," explains a character artist who is also involved in politics.

These opinions from the film industry suggest that many do not view Chiranjeevi's endorsements positively. While most opinions are critical, a few argue that his support for the alliance where his brother is involved is justified. 

However, when asked how he can do that without resigning from Congress, they question in return, "Oh! is he still with Congress?".

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