Buzz: Situation Of TDP Kammas In Anantapur

Though there has been a perception that the population in the Old Anantapuram district has a good percentage of Kammas, the statistics prove that wrong. 

Shockingly there are no more than 3% of Kammas in that region which comprises 14 constituencies. But still Kamams have the upper hand in winning the MLA seats from this region. Between 2014-19 the MLAs of Kalyanadurgam, Anantapuram, Raptadu, Hindupuram and Dharmavaram were Kammas. 

But the scene reversed after that. Paritala Sriram, Varadapuram Suri, Hanumantaraaya Chowdary's family, Vaikuntham Prabhakar Chowdary have lost in the Assembly election. 

BCs used to give huge backup for these candidates in this region. TDP really worked towards polarizing the vote bank of TDP in their favor. But now, the same BCs are polarized by YCP in its favor which has become a big jolt for TDP. 

Moreover with the onset of Gorantla Madhav's controversial video, the situation changed as the fight between BCs and Kammas worked towards polarization in a better way politically. 

In the coming elections it is going to be tough for Kamma leaders of TDP to win MLA seats.

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