Reel Buzz: Allu Arjun's 'Bahubali' In Line

Ram Charan had "Magadheera" and "RRR", Prabhas had "Bahubali", and NTR had "RRR". So now Allu Arjun is considering "Pushpa" on par with those films and so the situations are getting changed.

The story span, screenplay and the making standards are getting upgraded from time to time as Sukumar is also considering this as a magnum opus as he is making this after "Rangasthalam". 

That is the reason, the story is expanded to two films. The pre interval part is extended to  full length and releases as the first part. 

The second half is treated as another full length film and is going to be released as Part-2. Some songs and fights are added due to the extended episodes. 

The first part of the film has a heavy action episode based on chase. Plans are being made to add something similar in Part-2 as well. 

While the first chase is in forests and hills, the second fight may be choreographed in water.

The investment of Rs 250 Cr can be recovered  with two parts, as per the economics.

Pushpa makers are taking it the most prestigious and so not stepping back on the decisions of the director.

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