BJP Says A Firm 'No' To TDP's Hand Shake

Andhra Pradesh BJP made it clear that there won't be any hand in glove relation with TDP forever.

The core committee meeting of the party was held in Vijayawada and this clarity is given by everybody unanimously. 

Th party mentioned that BJP is not going to succumb to Chandrababu's conspiracies in anyway. 

"Hand shake is forbidden only in this pandemic time. But BJP prohibited hand shake with TDP forever", said a BJP activist in this meeting. 

It is known that Chandrababu has been trying to get the appointment of Central BJP leaders from quite a long time but nobody is ready to believe this politician who is known for backstabbing at right time.

In fact, he backstabbed Modi a few months before the 2019 elections by disassociating with BJP assuming that it will lose the election.

Chandrababu criticized Modi at that time so badly that the central leaders have underlined them with red ink.

The meeting we are talking about was held by Somu Veerraju in which the BJP State Affairs in-charge P Muralidharan, National Secretary Siva Prakash and General Secretary Purandeshwari, Kanna Lakshmi Narayana- the former BJP head of the state and others were participated. 

So, the curtains are down on all the hopes of Chandrababu on the making BJP as his ally.

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