Opinion: TDP Media Needs ENO To Control Beka-Beka

Frogs make beka-beka sounds in the well. They will be heard only by the fellow frogs or any other living beings if any within that well. But the rest of the world doesn't even bother to know what is happening in the well. Even if someone hears those sounds by accident, he/she may feel pity for the plight of such frogs in the well. 

The Same is the case with TDP media now. 

First they said that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is going to Delhi to plead the leaders at the Center to protect him from the cases on him. This is an age old rotten allegation on the leader who never cared about cases and fought with Sonia Gandhi for years. Hence, people outside well laugh at such allegations on this proven leader. 

Initially the meeting between Jagan and Amit Shah was scheduled for last Monday. But Amit Shah postponed the meeting due to an unexpected obituary of some of his kin. Ignoring that fact, the TDP media made a loud beka-beka sound that Amit Shah intentionally insulted Jagan by not giving time to Jagan. Actually, the date was rescheduled to Thursday for technical reasons. 

Finally YS Jagan met Amit Shah yesterday night as per the schedule. But two hours before that meeting, the same media made its senseless beka-beka stating that Jagan was not given the appointment again. 

At last, it is revealed that Jagan had a long meeting with Amit Shah and had a 90 minute discussion. Then the TDP media made a nonsensical beka-beka stating that Jagan was reprimanded by the Center and expressed its disappointment at the state of affairs happening in AP. 

Frogs in the well live in ignorance. They never know that there wouldn't be any chance of reprimanding when the center and the state are run by two different parties. To make this understand, the employee of some company never reprimands the employee of the other in the matter of business. 

The point to be underlined is that Chandrababu in his last 2 years never went to Delhi as opposition leader. This is the clear indication that it was Chandrababu who was not given the permission for any meeting in Delhi, but not YS Jagan. 

The plight of the TDP media is highly pitiful. All that they need now are the ENO packets to reduce the burning sensation in the stomach in order to sleep well. Only then can they control their senseless beka-beka sounds. 

Usha Chowdary

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