Marketing Gimmicks Around Boyapati's 'Akhanda'

'Akanda', being made in the combination of Balayya and Boyapati has recorded a huge number of views for its recent teaser on youtube.

Is this really true? Or simply a marketing gimmick? These questions shook many people as Balayya's films never received this much response. 

Had it been Balayya's image factor, then there would have been huge traction for NTR's biopic as well. But That didn't happen. If we assume that this is because of Boyapati's magic, then Vinaya Vidheya Rama couldn't pull this much response. 

Now we get inside source information that it is a marketing gimmick by a firm. The firm generally buys the digital and satellite rights of the films. Then it will sell the films to different OTTs and TV channels by quoting bigger prices. The margin becomes the firm's profit. 

That way, the firm bought "Akanda" for a reasonable price and now started marketing hungama. The firm has its own youtube marketing division. 

There is no clarity on how much the firm is spending on marketing and in what way, but it has become a happy moment for all the Balayya's fans.

An insider said, "Views can be bought easily on youtube. But it is difficult to buy likes and comments. So, to check the genuinity one has to check the ratio of views, likes, comments. If one can compare Akhanda teaser's ratio with that of Acharya teaser's ratio, we can get an idea of how many views were bought".

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