Naga Shourya: 'No Cheat Day As I Don't Cheat Audience'

Actor Naga Shourya has given an exclusive interview to greatandhra for the show 'Chit Chat With Chandana". He has shared several things from his personal to professional front. 

It is known that he has built a toned up body for his new film in which he is playing the role of a sportsman.

Answering about his six pack he said, "Actually I could get an 8-pack till now. I am trying to achieve a ten pack body. I had no cheat day with food throughout this training as I don't want to cheat the audience. If I tempt for food and eat being a foodie, I may lose a couple of packs by the time of shoot. If I lose, the maker may attempt to do some changes using graphics. That is nothing but cheating the audience. They will easily catch if I do any such thing".

He also said, "I didn't meet any one for 4 months. I didn't even listen to any new stories. I was just concentrating on my gym and new look. This is the first time I grew this much hair for this film, though not comfortable". 

He said that the shootings may resume from September as the vaccine is also expected. 

Naga Shourya has also shared many things about his 27 pet dogs and his tattoo, Nagarjuna's monthly parties, Chiranjeevi's love for him and many more. 

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