Naandhi FIR Teaser: Hard-Hitting!

Wishing hero Allari Naresh on his birthday, a special teaser of his film Naandhi called FIR (First Impact Reveal) has been released.

The video begins with director Vijay Kanakamedala’s mentor Harish Shankar’s voiceover narrating the stats of jails, prisoners in India till 2015.

When he mentions about under trial khaidis, Allari Naresh makes an entry as a prisoner who is brutally assaulted by police officials.

The series of sequences show Naresh trying to escape from the jail and police giving him more pain.

The FIR ends with Naresh asking the judge whether justice will ever be served to him.

Allari Naresh of course lives in the character as an under trial prisoner who is seen stripping in one scene while he undergoes body cavity search.

The cruelty of cops remind us of recent brutal act of Tamil Nadu police. As is known, a father and his son were killed in the custodial.

Visuals looked authentic, thanks to cinematographer Sid. Sricharan Pakala’s background score gives thrill feel all the time.

Vijay Kanakamedala also wins brownie points in his first attempt.

All in all, Naandhi FIR is hard-hitting with best efforts from the entire cast and crew.

The film produced by Satish Vegesna is nearing completion.

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