Pawan just rushing through shooting?

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan has already clarified that he has returned to film industry and been doing films only to make money and not out of passion.

He doesn’t have any intention to deliver big hits nor does he want to entertain his fans.

He asserted that he is acting in films to sustain his party and his family, including payment of school fees of his children.

If Pawan has such ideas, what would anybody do in the film industry, which is meant for entertaining the audiences?

In fact, it had been a long time since Pawan Kalyan started taking his films seriously.

After a few successes initially like Khushi, there were hardly any big hits for Pawan. There is nothing much to talk about Pawan Kalyan’s films after the debacle of Johnny.

Of course, some of his films were blockbuster hits like Gabbar Singh and Attarintiki Daaredi, not because of Pawan, but because of the directors like Trivikram Srinivas and Harish Shankar. 

According to reports from the industry, Pawan Kalyan is not taking enough care in shooting for his films.

Since his main objective of doing films is to make money, he is not allotting sufficient time for the shooting, but is just hurrying through it to complete it as fast as possible.

Even producers, who are doing films with Pawan only to cash in on the craze for him, are also not paying much attention to the way the shooting is being held. Apparently, Pawan has so far not taken a second take for any of his shots for the remake of “Pink.” 

The director, too, is just okaying whatever Pawan is doing in the first take and is not attempting the second take even for a better shot.

Similarly, for the film being directed by Krish, the shooting is going on at a brisk pace. Though it is a folklore film, the film makers have not made any extra efforts to design the sets required for such films, nor are they involving any high production qualities. They are just managing the show with green mats and depending too much on graphics.

So, what can we expect from such films of the power star, who doesn’t have passion for acting?