He is a big rapist, alleges YSRC leader!

It has been common for politicians to criticise one another on issues. Sometimes, the criticism crosses the limit and leads to personal attacks and abuses.

Even this personal criticism or abuses also have their own limits and should not enter into vulgar comments.

But sometimes, we come to hear about the personal abuses crossing all limits of decency and turning into extreme vulgar criticism.

Take the case of YSR Congress party leader Sailaja Charan Reddy from Puthalapattu in Chittoor district.

In a video statement that went viral on Thursday, she went all out to attack Jana Sena Party leader and actor Pawan Kalyan, who said those who indulge in heinous crimes like rape and murder should be given smacks in public, as nobody had the right to take other’s life.

While other YSRC leaders also reacted strongly to Pawan’s comments, they confined themselves to exposing his double standards. But Sailaja went to the extent of alleging that Pawan was opposing death sentence to rapists because he himself was the biggest rapist.

“Pawan married thrice and played with the lives of several women. He has the history of raping several other women. He is afraid that if rapists are hanged in public, he, too, might have to face the same situation in future. That is why he is opposing death sentence to the rapists,” Sailaja alleged.

She said people like Pawan Kalyan were an affront on the society and the government should take stringent action against them, including hanging them to death.

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