Balakrishna Upset With His Community?

Strange are the ways of senior actor-politician Nandamuri Balakrishna. Nobody knows how his mood fluctuates from time to time. At times, he might get angry at somebody or shower a lot of affection on the people at another time.

Ever since the Telugu Desam Party miserably lost the assembly elections and YSR Congress party came to power in Andhra Pradesh six months ago, Balakrihshna has been keeping a very low profile and has been keeping away from big shows.

He is not making any big news and has been focussing on his film, hospital works and private works. He has quietly completed his film “Ruler” and taken up another film with Boyapati Srinu. Even this launch of this film was a very low-key affair without any media glare.

In fact, people are crazy about Boyapati-Balakrishna film and so, the launch of the film was expected to have a huge hype. Even the fans of Balakrishna have been eagerly waiting for this film.

But apparently, Balakrishna did not evince interest in putting up a big show for Boyapati film by calling film stars and celebrities in a big way. A strange reason is being attributed to this change in Balakrishna’s stand. 

In the recent past, a large number of Kamma politicians playing a key role in Krishna district have quit the Telugu Desam Party and joined either YSR Congress party or Bharatiya Janata Party. At the same time, Kamma leaders in YSRC have been ruthlessly attacking TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh.

This has terribly upset Balakrishna, who has not been able to digest the fact that even those who had been with the TDP for the last three decades and grown politically have been deserting the party in the hour of crisis. 

It is learnt Balakrishna has decided not to entertain people from Kamma community which he feels has ditched him and the TDP. There is a talk in the industry that Balakrishna is ruing for lack of unity among the Kammas that is visible in other communities.

That is precisely why Balakrisihna wants to make his film activities as simple as possible and he has asked the film industry not make a big news about his films.

He has decided to get rid of people belonging to his community gradually and so, those who have been claiming to be closer to Balakrishna might not visible around him hereafter, sources said.

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