90 ML Trailer: An Authorized Drinker's Formulaic Love Story!

Karthikeya Gummakonda of RX 100 fame is playing an alcoholic in his upcoming film 90 ML.

He has a condition that requires him to drink 90 ML alcohol with every meal. He falls in love with a teetotaller Rao Ramesh's daughter Neha Solanki.

Rao and his entire village is against alcoholics. How can Karthikeya save his love with his condition where he will die without consuming alcohol?

The romance setup and the conflict looks formulaic with all the regular clichés except for the protagonist's condition.

The film is directed by Sekhar Reddy Yerra and the production values look good. There is Ravi Kishan playing the antagonist and it has some popular actors in supporting roles.

Can Karthikeya score the much needed hit with this one? 

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