USA: Full Story Behind The Arrest Of 3 Telugu Men

It is known that three Telugu men were arrested in St. Charles County, Missouri on the chnarges of beating a roommate. A section of the media has been associating this incident with the YSRCP color out of desperation.

Here is the inside story of the entire incident.

Sattaru Venkatesh Reddy, originally from Vinukonda in Guntur district, was actively involved in the YSRCP sometime ago. His family is known for its involvement in Mandal-level politics. 

Later, Venkatesh moved to the USA and living there from a few years. He served in US Army for sometime but sustained an injury that led to his removal from the service. His injury required regular massage treatment in addition to other medications.

Meanwhile, two individuals, Sravan Varma Penumetcha and Nikhil V Penmatsa, close relatives of Venkatesh's wife, also moved to the USA and joined Venkatesh. It should be underlined that Venkatesh married to a Raju girl some time back. 

Eventually, Indian student, a relative of Venkatesh, also arrived in the USA and joined Venkatesh. Indian student assisted Venkatesh and family with day-to-day help for their living. 

Sravan Varma Penumetcha and Nikhil V Penmatsa are living in two other houses. Student has been helping all three in his capacity.

According to sources, Venkatesh is short-tempered and was upset about his present situation. Inside sources suggest that he may have shouted at Student or even manhandled him out of short temper and bad mood. This could have irritated Student, prompting him to file a police complaint.

What is astonishing is that the other two individuals were also implicated in this case, despite being innocent. There is no clarity on why this collateral damage happened to them. 

In conclusion, this entire episode appears to be a personal matter unrelated to YSRCP or Andhra Pradesh politics. 

However, local Kammas, staunch supporters of TDP, have turned it into an issue by influencing a small local channel to cover the news. They claim that a politically influential figure, Venkatesh, was arrested in a human trafficking case. Ironically, they have omitted Student's name from the news to conceal the fact that he is a close relative of Venkatesh, possibly to play a better victim card.

Sattaru Venkatesh does not hold any position in the YSRCP and has not been involved in any party-related programs for two or three years. In such a case, how reasonable is it to link this case to the party?

No responsible person wants to protect a wrongdoer; a wrongdoing must be punished. However, attempts to distort the incident and associate it with unrelated individuals and political systems for indirect benefits are malicious.

Furthermore, Indian student, who claims to be the victim in this case, entered America on a student visa, as stated by the prosecuting attorney of St. Charles County, Missouri, in the charge sheet. How can a person on a student visa be seen as a person came in human trafficking?

The local Telugu people name a Chowdhary who is behind exposing this issue in a local channel gluing the YSRCP color. 

Whether it's a domestic crime like killing one's wife, assaulting a parent, or harming siblings, the law treats all offenses equally. The legal system must fulfill its role in addressing the charges against Sattaru Venkatesh. But it would be unjust to attribute the crime to those unrelated to the incident.

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