Surekha Vani's Daughter Slams Trolls

Character artiste Surekha Vani is grieving the death of her husband. Her husband died of illness a month ago. However, she was not seen attending the funeral.

She is also regularly updating photos on her Instagram like Eid Mubarak wishes, etc.

This didn’t go well with her social media followers. They have started attacking her for not even showing respect to her dead husband.

Surekha Vani and her husband were not living together though they didn’t take divorce. They continued as husband and wife but he was living away from her a few months before his death. But Surekha Vani reportedly paid all his bills and incurred expenses for his treatment.

Not knowing their relationship well, the fans have started admonishing her appearing on social media without exhibiting any grief.

Reading all these comments Surekha Vani’s daughter in a message slammed the trolls and stood by her mother. She asked the trollers mind their business.

Surekha Vani later posted photograph of her daughter on her Instagram.

“She is my strength. She is my reflection of my life and she is d great support to me god gave me 1 and taken something away from me,” Surekha Vani posted a picture taken with her daughter implying that her daughter is her life.

Surekha Vani will soon be returning to films. There is also talk that her daughter also has plans to enter into film world.