Febraury Box Office: Three Years Sentiment Failed

The movie 'Sir' in February last year, DJ Tillu in February 2022 created a wave at the box office. And in February 2021, the movie Uppena became a blockbuster. In February 2020, the movie Bheeshma, starring Nitin as the hero, became a super hit.

Every year for the past three years, February has seen a super hit. But in February this year, there is not a single hit of this range.

The February box office started with movies like Boot Cut Balaraju, Dheera, Game On, Kismat, Happy Ending hitting theaters in the first week. None of these were impressive. Sohail's sentimental campaign for Boot Cut Balaraju, even after the release, did not work. Kismat, which was expected to spread laughter, also failed to make an impact.

Meanwhile, Ambajipeta Marriage Band, released this week, seemed average. The film, starring Suhas as the hero, was heavily promoted. There was good momentum in the beginning, but it did not meet the expected results afterward.

In the second week, Yatra-2, Eagle, True Lover, and Lal Salaam movies were released. Out of these, Ravi Teja's movie Eagle failed to impress at all. The movie, which came to theaters with huge publicity, was rejected by the audience.

Another movie released alongside Eagle this week is Lal Salaam. This movie, starring Superstar Rajinikanth, became one of the biggest disasters in his career. If fans are posting saying they have never seen such a disaster movie in Rajini's career, then it goes without saying what kind of a disaster it is.

Yatra-2 hit theaters a day before these movies. This film, showing the political rise of YS Jagan, impressed only a section of the audience. In terms of revenue, it was a disaster.

In the third week, the Tollywood box office was a bit shaken. Ooru Peru Bhairavakona, starring Sandeep Kishan as the hero, brought some buzz to the box office. The first day started with mixed talk and picked up afterward. The tricky thing is.. this same hero gave a big disaster in the same month last year, and this year he has become a successful hero again in the same month. But this is not a movie that helps Sundeep's career as it's not a super hit.

And all the movies like Rajdhani Files, Drill, I Hate Love which came in the third week turned out to be disasters. Of these, special mention should be made of Rajdhani files. The film, which revolves around the Amaravati issue against the AP government, was not received well at least in the capital region.

And this week Sitaram and Oye movies were re-released. Even these movies, which came as a Valentine's Day gift, did not click much. With Siddharth himself coming out and promoting it, the movie Oye did well in one show.

In the last week of February, the films Sundaram Master, Mukhya Gamanika, 14 Days Love, Siddharth Roy, Bhramayugam, Mast Shades Unnai Raa were released. Produced by Ravi Teja and starring comedian Harsha, Sundaram Master ended up as a flop. Mammootty starrer Bhramayugam was liked by only a few people. Siddharth Roy of Deepak Saroj and Mast Shades Unnai Raa of Abhinav Gomatham hero and another comedian Abhinav Gomatam were flopped.

Overall, there was no blockbuster in February.

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