Mega star: Mega confusion and MAA

Chiranjeevi has released a video endorsing CM Ramesh’s candidature from Anakapalli constituency.

Ramesh is representing the BJP and is a personal friend of Chiranjeevi and both of them were colleagues in the Rajya Sabha.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in Chiranjeevi supporting anyone in the political spectrum. But, he should follow protocol, having been a Parliamentarian, Union Minister and technically, still a member of the Congress Party.

But, why out of the blue did Chiranjeevi who has been staying away from active politics, endorse Ramesh all of a sudden? Well, obviously Ramesh asked him to but then again, why? Readmore!

After all, Chiranjeevi is definitely no ‘Chanakya’! In fact, this gentleman could not get his candidate elected even in a MAA election what to speak of State and national level politics?

CM Ramesh is up against Muthyala Naidu of the YSRCP in Anakapalli. Both Ramesh and Muthyala Naidu are from the Koppula Velama caste. The community has around 4 lakh votes in Anakapalli out of approximately 15 lakh votes.

Judging that this vote bank would get split between the two contestants, the Kapu community which has 5 lakh votes in Anakapalli, naturally becomes important. Thus, Chiranjeevi’s support to CM Ramesh can help the latter because voting will be along casteist lines.

CM Ramesh is also a sort of ‘gateway’ to Modi-Shah for the Konidela family. At the end of the day, everyone’s happy!

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