Hero And Director Playing With Producer

This is the biggest movie being produced in Tollywood. It started with great anticipation, but there is no clarity as to when it will be released. This movie is facing too many difficulties. 

Thete is no official clarity on the reason for this delay but on social media where the director is heavily criticized and trolled. There is a grapevine that the director is the main reason for the film's delay.

But the other sources say that both the director and the hero share responsibility for the film's delay.

As he is a star hero, there is silence from the unit regarding the hero's role, with the producer tight lipped on the matter.

The information suggests that while the director is causing scheduling delays, the hero's actions are leading to more cancellations.

Recently, it has been observed that if the schedule calls for ten days in the city, the hero was absent for three days.

The latest rumored release date for this movie, initially set for September or October of last year, is now likely to be pushed further, possibly to December, given the current situation.

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