The Man Who Is Troubling NTR's 'Devara'!

Music director Anirudh has been enlisted by director Koratala Siva for his film "Devara" starring NTR. However, industry insiders now suggest that this decision has become a curse for the film.

The primary issue seems to be the delay in delivering the tunes.

Indeed, previous collaborators with Anirudh have voiced similar complaints. Moreover, there are reports that he is unreachable by phone.

The prevailing sentiment in Tollywood is that Anirudh is posing challenges for the "Devara" movie as well. A song in the film related to Ayudha Puja allegedly faced delays in composition, leading to the cancellation of a long-planned shoot schedule.

It is rumored that Saif Ali Khan had to travel back and forth for the shoot of this song, resulting in wasted dates.

It appears that the film's release date depends on Anirudh's timely delivery of tunes and re-recording. If these are provided as scheduled, the film will meet its planned release date.

While Anirudh's talent is undeniable, cooperation is essential to ensure the timely completion of the film, regardless of the quality of his work.

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