Sundeep Kishan Back In Demand, After OPBK

One hit brings cheers to actors, boosting their confidence. Sundeep Kishan, who achieved commercial success with his recent film "Ooru Peru Bhairavakona," is now back in demand, with a promising lineup already in place.

The actor, who had a special role in Dhanush’s "Captain Miller," is collaborating with the Tamil star again in "Raayan (#D50)," where he plays the lead role alongside Dhanush, with Dhanush directing the film.

Simultaneously, Sundeep Kishan is working on a sci-fi actioner titled "Maaya One," a sequel to his hit film "Project-Z."

He is also preparing to collaborate with Blockbuster Director Trinadha Rao Nakkina, Venkatesh Maha for a Period Film.

In addition to these projects, he is also part of "Family Man Season 3."

Following the success of "OPBK," Sundeep Kishan is inundated with offers from renowned directors and production houses.

However, he has become more cautious in selecting new projects.

With this impressive lineup of films, it appears that Sundeep is achieving the success he deserves and will soon ascend to the next level in his career.

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