Jagan's aggression unwarranted?

The aggressive attack by YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy against the opposition Telugu Desam Party led by N Chandrababu Naidu in the state assembly on Friday evoked mixed reactions.

While a section of people defended Jagan’s aggression saying it was natural on the part of the chief minister to defend his decisions, many others felt he had gone a little overboard that sent a wrong message to the people.

Some others said such aggression and counter-aggression are bound to be there in the assembly.

“The opposition party naturally questions the ruling party in the assembly and Jagan also had done the same when he was in the opposition. Moreover, when Jagan was making allegations against the TDP for its lapses during the previous regime, Naidu would have no option but to defend himself,” an analyst pointed out.

What surprised everybody was the way Jagan sought to bulldoze the proceedings citing his brute majority.

When the TDP leaders were questioning his false allegations, Jagan lost his cool and warned that his large group of MLAs would easily suppress the opposition, small in number.

"You are just 23 and we are 150. If my people get up, you can't even sit in the assembly," he threatened. "You people don't even know how to behave. How did you get elected?" he asked.

He even sought to body-shame TDP legislator K Achen Naidu. “It is not enough if you grow your body. Your brain must grow too."

However, analysts feel Jagan should have maintain restraint and not make wild attacks on the opposition.

“The YSRC has got a huge mandate and there is absolutely no threat from anybody. Secondly, there are no elections now. So, he should behave in a more dignified manner compared to Naidu. The more Jagan remains cool, the more frustrating Naidu would become,” an analyst said.

Already, the TDP has started seeking sympathy from people alleging that Jagan started witch-hunt of Naidu and his party leaders. At many places, there have been allegations of YSRC leaders attacking the TDP workers.

“Such incidents will damage the reputation of the party and that of Jagan,” the analyst said.