Watch: A Must Stop Place - Raju Gari Thota

Roadside dhabas are quite a common feature. All freeways in the USA dot with Motels. A similar trend is emerging in AP and Telangana.

The busy stretch of Hyderabad – Vijayawada – Vizag is seeing this trend with the new lavish garden restaurants near Suryapet.

One such restaurant that has become immensely popular of late and has become a must-stop for the commuters on the way is ‘Raju Gari Thota’.

Well-known producer Anil Sunkara, his friend G Rajesh and their partners have come up with this idea. In no time, it became popular.

The ambiance is the most striking feature of this roadside sprawling restaurant. It gives a new experience as we step in. The menu is even more tantalizing.

Besides common North Indian cuisine, the menu is filled with food items of Telugu land, with more focus on the Krishna and Godavari region delicacies.

“Raju Gari Thota” also dispels the myth that such hotels don’t offer quick service and don’t maintain good taste. You don’t disappoint in those aspects.