Top 5: A Happy Weekend For Sai Dharam Tej

1) Chitralahari: Sai Dharam Tej suffered a row of flops post Supreme. His market took a beating with some forgettable duds like Intelligent, Thikka, Winner, Tej I Love You etc.

He has gone for a makeover with Chitralahari in which he played the character of an underdog to perfection.

The film hasn't impressed the critics, but has struck a chord with the ticket paying public. It had a pretty solid first weekend at the box office across all centers.

It has recovered more than seventy percent of its investment in the first three days and is set to become a hit.

2) Majili: Majili slowed down considerably post first weekend, but did well in its second weekend. Its collections were affected to an extent with the arrival of Chitralahari.

However, Majili has been comfortably placed at the box office already. It is set to become the highest grosser among Chaitanya's films excluding Manam.

3) Lucifer: Mohan Lal's dubbed film Lucifer couldn't make a mark in its first weekend due to poor publicity.

Lucifer is a smash hit in Malayalam, but hasn't been promoted well to grab the attention of Telugu audience.   

4) Sahasa Putrudu (Hell Boy): The Hollywood action fantasy thriller opened to mediocre reports all over.   

5) Prema Katha Chitram 2: The makers hoped to cash in on the brand Prema Katha Chitram, but this awful horror comedy turned out to be a horrendous experience for its viewers.