RX 100 Refuses To Slow Down, Super Strong in Week Days

Surprise blockbuster of the year RX 100 is still going strong at box office after a fabulous first weekend.

The film hasn’t slowed down on Monday and the morning show - matinee collections on Tuesday are equally good.

The film has collected over Rs. 6 crore share in first five days and is sure to cross Rs. 10 crore mark by next weekend.

RX 100 was sold for very low prices given its making costs and everyone who invested in the film are smiling all the way to the banks.

RX 100’s bold approach in dealing with a contemporary love story has struck the chord with the youth.

Even a section of mass audience also seems to like the film to the core, which is reflecting in its box office returns.

With no big threats to slow down RX 100’s speed on this Friday, it should go past Rs. 10 crore share mark easily. Lifetime distributor share of Rs. 12 crore looks like a cakewalk at the moment.

The film is going to fetch handsome price for its satellite and digital rights too. Producers from other languages are vying for bagging the remake rights of RX 100.