Ravi Prakash to launch new TV channel TV36?

Since Wednesday morning, there has been a rumour doing rounds in the social media groups of journalists in Hyderabad that former chief executive officer of popular television channel TV9 V Ravi Prakash is going to start his second innings in the media business.

The social media reports said Ravi Prakash, who recently got anticipatory bail from the high court, is launching a new television channel shortly.

He has named it as “TV36”—apparently as a counter to TV9 – (since 3 plus 6 are equal to 9).

“The announcement to this effect would be made on Facebook live at 5 pm on Wednesday along with the details of the channel,” the social media reports said.

The reports also indicated that Ravi Prakash has the backing of Bharatiya Janata Party bigwigs, to counter the onslaught of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi leadership through its friendly industrialists J Rameshwar Rao of My Home Group and Krishna Reddy of Megha group.

However, the reports have not clearly said who would be going to announce the channel –whether it would be Ravi Prakash or somebody else and on whose Facebook live it would be announced.

Inquiries revealed that it was just a speculative report being circulated by a former employee of TV9, who later worked as a public relations officer with a TRS minister.

The announcement about the channel would also be made by the same gentleman, sources said.