Prabhas still elusive, as his birth day approaches

Ever since his big-ticket film “Saaho” was released, young Tollywood hero Prabhas has gone into hiding. 

Last time one has heard about Prabhas was that he had gone on a short vacation to Europe. After that he has not been heard or seen anywhere.

Now, his fans are eagerly waiting for his appearance in public. Reason: his birthday falls on October 23 and it is a time for big celebration for him and his fans.

In Tollywood, big stars generally announce new films on the occasion of their birthdays. So, fans of Prabhas are also expecting that the Saaho star would give more clarity on his future projects on that day.

“Saaho” collected nearly Rs 400 crore gross in all languages put together. But Prabhas has gone into silent mode and has been maintaining a very low profile after that.

His strategic silence is making his fans worry about it. They are demanding him to come out and put an end to all speculations that are in circulation.

Fans in Bhimavaram and Hyderabad have also planned some unique celebrations on October 23. If he stays in Hyderabad, they will come and meet him, but Prabhas has not given clarity yet.

Meanwhile, several top directors are also trying to meet Prabhas and narrate a story to him. He will finish his current film being directed by Jil Radhakrishna by summer 2020. 

He has not signed any other movie after this. Hence, directors are queuing up to him to lock a project with him. 

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