Earn From AP- Invest In Hyderabad

The Telugu state was divided into two in 2014. It was TDP that came to power that year and ruled for five years. Then YCP came to power and ruled for five years. 

Whether it was TDP or YCP, the people who got benefitted in big way from the government, invested their earnings only in Hyderabad for permanent living. 

Though a few tried their luck investing in Amaravati between 2014-2019, eventually every significant investment from politicians to government officials wheover earned big during their tenure has been happening only in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. 

On the other hand, even the film industry, which has been earning 60% of its revenue from Andhra Pradesh, hasn't made any investments in Andhra Pradesh and isn't even conducting shootings in the state.  Readmore!

There is no studio like RFC in AP, and the industry bigwigs have not shown any interest since 2014.

They complain about Jagan Mohan Reddy not bringing in investments betiween 2019-2024, but in the first place, why wouldn't they invest in AP? That is the question.

When everybody is earning in AP and investing in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, how can AP develop? Irrespective of whether it's Chandrababu's or Jagan's regime, this phenomenon has continued. 

Their motive is to earn from AP and settle down in Hyderabad or Bengaluru. If this continues, the situation in AP will remain the same forever.

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