Why Reddys Also Voted Against YCP?

It was a common scenario in some crucial places of Andhra Pradesh for decades, where a Kamma vote wouldn't go to Congress and a Reddy vote wouldn't go to TDP. 

But for the first time in history, especially in the areas of Palnadu, Nellore, Chittoor and few other regions 40-50% of Reddys voted against YCP. Of course, wherever the TDP candidate was also Reddy, they sided towards him. 

The reasons can be attributed either to the anti-incumbency sentiment towards MLAs, not allowing local Reddys to exercise their authority in the last five years, or not getting any benefits from the ruling government as expected or dreamt of.

The reasons can be multifaceted. Unless Jagan Mohan Reddy reviews these aspects, it would be detrimental to the party itself in the long run. Readmore!

It was the Kamma community that has been backing Chandrababu Naidu for decades and ensuring him power. Losing the support of one's own community is the biggest disadvantage for any politician.

It is not necessary to uplift only the same community as Chandrababu did, but at the same time, it is not wise to shun one's own community in the name of uplifting other sections of society.

"Unless Jagan Mohan Reddy values the Reddys who are backing him, his political future wouldn't be a cakewalk," comment a few in Andhra Pradesh

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