Sudheer Babu's Harom Hara Trailer: Solid Actioner

Sudheer Babu is hoping to make a strong comeback with his next release Harom Hara which is gearing up for its theatrical release on June 14th.

Since the release date is not far away, the makers intensified the promotions. They released theatrical trailer of the movie, a day before Superstar Krishna’s birth anniversary.

The trailer opens with a powerful voiceover of Sunil who says a strong man needs a weapon, while a weapon is the strength for the weak.

The protagonist who is waiting for an opportunity to succeed in life gets a golden chance. He starts manufacturing guns, bringing gun culture to Kuppam area. Readmore!

The rowdies in the region who earlier used to hold swords turn extra violent with much stronger weapons in their hands. Sudheer Babu becomes the main target of the police now.

The core point of the movie has been revealed for the first time with the trailer that promises a solid actioner.

Sudheer Babu delivered an amazing performance as Subrahmanyam and his screen presence and dialogue delivery are noteworthy.

Sunil as the sidekick of Sudheer Babu is a great value addition. Malvika Sharma played Sudheer Babu’s love interest.

Gnanasagar Dwaraka picked a very unique subject that has scope to make it as a pakka commercial entertainer. The writing part is as good as the taking.

Aravind Viswanathan’s colour palette sets a gritty mood, while Chaitan Bharadwaj complements the narrative with his powerful score.

The grand production design of Sree Subrahmanyeshwara Cinemas deserves a special mention.

The trailer has set the ball rolling for the movie which will arrive in cinemas in another couple of weeks.

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