'Even if KCR dies by suicide...': CM accepts BRS' challenge

Responding to Siddipet MLA T Harish Rao's challenge to waive crop loans up to Rs 2 lakh by August 15 or step down, Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy redirected the challenge back to the former state minister.

He also dared Harish Rao to shut down BRS if the state government followed through on its promise.

Speaking at the Kodangal constituency-level party workers' meeting in Maddur mandal headquarters of Narayanpet district on Tuesday, April 23, Revanth assured that "even if the sun were to rise from the west, or if his uncle KCR were to commit suicide at his farmhouse, the Congress would waive off the loans by August 15."

The CM also cautioned bankers against sending loan repayment notices to farmers, emphasizing that the state government would not tolerate such actions. Readmore!

Addressing BJP candidate DK Aruna's accusation that he disrespected her as a woman, Revanth clarified that he harbored neither rivals nor adversaries in the Palamuru region.

"What reason would I have to envy you? There is no competition or comparison between us. Your party barely made a mark in the assembly elections in your own constituency (Gadwal). Why would I hold any animosity toward you?" he questioned Aruna.

He demanded an explanation from Aruna regarding her opposition to the Makthal-Narayanpet-Kodangal lift irrigation scheme during her tenure as irrigation minister, despite then-Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy being prepared to approve the project.

Whether it was road construction, establishment of educational institutions, or obtaining national project status for the Palamuru-Rangareddy lift irrigation scheme, Revanth queried why Aruna failed to advocate for the development of the region within her party.

Revanth criticized the BJP for attempting to sow discord among the populace to win elections at any cost, likening former Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao's governance to that of a spendthrift who squanders and sells off everything in the household.

He pledged to take on the responsibility of developing the Palamuru region extensively, ensuring its prosperity for the next century.

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