Instant Chartbuster Nene Ravana Song from Indrani

Nene Ravana song released by the makers of India’s First Super Woman Film, Indrani : Epic 1 - Dharam Vs Karam has become an instant chartbuster.

How time played a key role in defining the fight between karam (fate) and dharam (righteousness) which forms the core of the story of the film was beautifully translated into song by Roll Rida.

He excellently chose the words to tell that Ravana is the king of his time and any trespassers from future will be executed without mercy.

For the brilliant score provided by Music Director Sai Karthick, Dance Master Aneesh beautifully choreographed the song as per the lyrics of Roll. Readmore!

Indrani is a fictional futuristic time travel based film which is the first of its kind in Indian cinema and is set during the time period 2122 A.D. When India is being recognized as a vishwa guru by the whole world.

Makers are planning to release this Futuristic Sci-Fi, Action, Drama & Commercial Entertainer Film on May 24th, 2024.

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