Prasanth Varma's Jai Hanuman: Dragon Spits Fire

The film Hanu-Man completed its 100 days run and the team is going to celebrate the occasion today.

As is known, the director is coming up with a sequel titled Jai Hanuman, which will be bigger and larger in terms of scale, span, budget, and technical aspects.

The film which is the second one from Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe (PVCU) is in the pre-production phase.

The director today released a new poster, coinciding with the Hanuman Jayanthi occasion. The poster is breathtakingly splendid. Readmore!

It shows a Dragon spitting fire on Hanuman who is standing on a hill with a mace in his hand. The battle between Hanuman and Dragons is going to thrill the audience in the theatres.

While a big star will play the role of Hanuman, many noted actors will essay crucial roles. The director will rope in well-established technicians, given the movie will be made on big canvas.

The director also announced to release Jai Hanuman is IMAX 3D. The other details are awaited.

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