Teaser: Witness The Fascinating World Of Manamey

Sharwanand will next be seen in his 35th movie Manamey co-starring Krithi Shetty with Sriram Adittya directing it on TG Vishwa Prasad’s People Media Factory.

After enchanting with a glimpse and a foot-tapping first single, the makers unveiled the film’s teaser just a while ago.

The teaser is meant to introduce the three main characters from the fascinating world of Manamey.

Sharwanand is a happy-go-lucky guy with no responsibilities in life who loves the company of girls and booze. He tells himself that he is not a good guy. Readmore!

Krithi Shetty is completely contrasting to Sharwa. She has goals in her life and works towards them. She likes to lead a peaceful life, without bothering others.

A kid played by Vikram Adittya enters their life causing all the troubles. There is no place for the words peace and contentment in their lives. But they get used to the boy in the meantime.

The storyline sounds interesting, and Sriram Adittya seems to have narrated it entertainingly, infusing youthful and family aspects into it.

He penned interesting characterizations for the three characters and presented them appealingly.

Sharwanand looked stylish best in the character and he brings that vigor with his lively performance. Krithi Shetty appeared gorgeous and their chemistry worked well on screen. The kid Vikram Adittya wins brownie points for his kiddish acts.

The narrative is enhanced by beautiful visuals captured by Vishnu Sharma, Gnana Shekar VS, an entrancing score by Hesham Abdul Wahab, and top-notch production design by People Media Factory.

The teaser augments the excitement surrounding the project which is coming this summer.

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