Director's Public Joke On Balakrishna's Wig

Not the outsiders but the people who know everything about him tend to make satirical remarks. This time, it's director KS Ravikumar's turn. At a Tamil film function, KS Ravikumar countered Balayya.

This senior director, known for many super hit films, has stated that Balayya's behavior is unpredictable. 

"If anyone laughs on set, Balayya gets angry. Balakrishna assumes that those who laugh are from his rival group", KS said. 

It seems that once, on set, the assistant director Saravanan moved the fan to Balakrishna's side but his wig was moved by the wind, leading to his anger. Readmore!

KS jokingly mentioned that as situation was under control, a potential accident was avoided, otherwise, Balayya might have slapped the assistant director. 

When he said this, both the people on stage and those in the audience laughed. Heroine Hansika was also present and joined in the laughter. Soon after, there were numerous stories about Balayya's wig. 

This could be a general topic had this not be an election season. But since it is election time in AP, a section has sparked discussions on social media about Balayya's behavior highlighting this incident. 

Balakrishna's fans didn't respond directly to this, but they expressed their anger towards KS Ravikumar. They reminded that Balakrishna was given him a chance for 2 films when there were no opportunities.

In fact, KS Ravikumar praised Balayya in his speech, stating that Balayya has a good heart and is a sincere person and he is known to be a director's actor. However, amidst all the praise, only KS's comments on Balayya's wig gained traction.

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