Nadendla Backstabbed Pawan Kalyan?

Although Pawan Kalyan holds the position of president in the Jana Sena party, Nadendla Manohar, unofficially considered the party's president, holds the number 2 position.

As the elections draw near, Pawan might have focused more seriously, but until recently, he had completely entrusted the party's control to Nadendla.

He trusted Nadendla's guidance and followed his lead, a practice that continues. Now, there is speculation within Jana Sena that Manohar has influenced the TDP in seat distribution.

Members of Jana Sena are upset that Chandrababu Naidu, having observed Pawan and Manohar's leadership style, has cunningly allocated weaker positions to Jana Sena.

Chandrababu, nominally allocating 24 assembly seats and 3 MP seats to Jana Sena in the name of the alliance, is facing the wrath of Jana Sena members for his cunning political maneuvers.

It is surprising that Pawan Kalyan has agreed to this, despite the party being allotted weaker constituencies.

It seems he has not deliberated on which seats to contest. In this scenario, Pawan Kalyan is said to have simply followed the list provided by party leader Nadendla Manohar.

It is evident that Chandrababu has announced his party's candidates for seats where Jana Sena is strong and allocated weaker seats to his own party.

In the last election, Jana Sena received only 11,988 votes in the Anakapalli assembly constituency. Pawan is fielding Ramakrishna for the assembly seat to secure the coveted Anakapalli parliamentary seat for his brother Nagababu.

Similarly, Jana Sena received 36,759 votes in the Gannavaram constituency in the last election. However, Chandrababu allotted that seat to his own party's candidate, Mahasena Rajesh, who had made derogatory comments against Jana Sena. This has angered Jana Sena activists.

Moreover, seats like Vijayawada East, Vijayawada Central, and Rajahmundry Rural, where Jana Sena had significant support, were also given to TDP candidates.

Chandrababu even announced TDP candidates for constituencies like Kothapet, Mandapet, Mummidivaram, and Palakollu, where Jana Sena had substantial voter support.

The leaders and activists of Jana Sena in these constituencies are deeply dissatisfied with these decisions. Whether this dissatisfaction will translate into votes for TDP remains uncertain. Hence, there is a risk associated with this alliance.

The true impact of these decisions on Jana Sena's fortunes will only be evident after the election results are announced.

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