Pawan Kalyan Not To Campaign In Rayalaseema?

Jana Sena is given 24 seats in all 26 districts of Andhra Pradesh combined. However, according to TDP media, the seats allocated for Jana Sena in Rayalaseema are not more than 2 to 3.

Additionally, insiders suggest that Pawan Kalyan won't conduct any campaigns in the Rayalaseema region.

When questioned about Pawan's lack of campaign in Rayalaseema, some Janasainiks claim that their leader is not interested in engaging with such a limited number of seats, which they perceive as insulting.

This raises the question of why seats are allocated to Jana Sena in Rayalaseema in the first place.

A TDP leader remarks that while it's understandable for a party head to miss campaigns in some constituencies when contesting all 175 seats, avoiding campaigns in just 2 to 3 places with excuses is not leadership.

Conversely, another TDP supporter suggests that they are not allowing Pawan to conduct campaigns as it may cause more harm than benefit.

Thus it seems that before the election Pawan Kalyan will be one of the most relaxed politicians, not actively engaging in much fieldwork.

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