Why Pawan Suddenly Doing Endorsements?

Pawan Kalyan is generally known for being shy when it comes to working in endorsement ads. Though he did engage in this type of work some decades ago, he has been away from it for quite a long time. 

However, after a long gap, he recently stepped forward to endorse a Health App. Everything is fine up until there. But when probed further, it was said that he received Rs 5 Cr as remuneration for a two-day call sheet for this endorsement. 

In fact, the amount is not too significant for Pawan Kalyan, as he has previously stated that he earns Rs 2 crore plus for a day's call sheet. 

If it were a Health App with a non-profit motive, then as a politician, he might have come forward to endorse it. But since he's being paid a considerable amount, it is clear that the App is commercial in nature. 

When it comes to public health, celebrities should be careful because Chiranjeevi was criticized earlier for endorsing a soft drink that was alleged to have traces of pesticides in it.

So, many opine that Pawan Kalyan agreeing to do this ad may have a different obligatory or necessary reason than just for the sake of it.

Whatever it is, this would be a treat for fans to see their star in commercial Ads as well.

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