Fresh Survey: YCP To Gain If BJP Enters The Scene!

Fresh surveys proclaim that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is going to be the champion of the upcoming general elections in Andhra Pradesh.

As per the latest prediction based on grassroots level surveys at constituency levels, the results are as follows in two different cases.

Case 1: If the fight is between YSRCP and TDP+Janasena, then YSRCP would win 108-119 seats while TDP+Janasena would land somewhere between 56 and 67. BJP and INC would each record zero.

Case 2: If the fight is between YSRCP and TDP+Janasena+BJP, then YSRCP would win 117-128 seats while TDP+Janasena+BJP would bag 47-58 with INC recording zero.

So, the survey states that if BJP joins the TDP+Janasena, then it would be a bigger loss for the coalition. However, in both cases, YSRCP seems to be emerging as the winner with a huge margin.

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