Why Hero Hides The News of His Daughter?

There is a buzz in the industry that a hero's couple had a baby girl a few weeks ago in America. The couple returned to Hyderabad as well. But the happy news was not shared anywhere which is intriguing.

In fact, this is an affair in the personal life of the hero couple. But being a celebrity his personal life is also an element of interest for the public. 

There are two versions that are making rounds in the matter of why the news is not shared by the couple:

- A version is heard that it is a premature baby and that is why the news is not shared. 

- Another version is that they were dating before marriage, and the wife got pregnant before the marriage itself and so the couple are waiting to announce the news of their newborn taking some time without giving vent to unnecessary murmurs. 

This is not a big surprise either. Nowadays many couples are living together without getting married. So this is not a big taboo these days.

As they got married finally, it's a happy story in fact irrespective of conceiving before or after the wedding.

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