Botsa To Contest From Bheemili?

Minister Botsa Satyanarayana is a key leader in YCP. He hails from the Cheepurupalli Constituency of Vizianagaram District. However, it is known that many changes are occurring within YCP regarding the allocation of seats to sitting MLAs.

There are reports suggesting that Botsa Satyanarayana will be relocated from Cheepurupalli to the Bheemili constituency.

If this occurs, it could prove beneficial for Botsa, as young leader Kimidi Nagarjuna, who has garnered popularity among voters, is set to contest on behalf of the TDP in Cheepurupalli. His groundwork over the past few years has been substantial. Being a young man, he easily connects with everyone and leaves a positive impression.

Therefore, Botsa's decision to move from this area could be wise, considering his counterpart's increasing influence in the constituency.

Furthermore, the Bheemili constituency has a higher population of the Kapu social group. Previously, it was won by Ganta and Avanti. However, new contenders are now emerging.

Additionally, it appears that this constituency will fall under the Visakha MP seat, where Botsa's wife is also competing. Perhaps these factors are influencing Botsa's inclination towards Bheemili.

There is still confusion over who will contest from this constituency between Janasena and TDP. There are also reports indicating that Ganta Srinivasa Rao is interested in this constituency and wishes to contest from here once again.

Overall, the Bheemili seat is becoming increasingly intriguing.

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