Ram Lost Opportunity For Demanding Rs 25 Cr?

Despite the downturn in the theatrical market and the slump in non-theatrical rights, the remunerations of our heroes continue to soar.

Many heroes are now demanding remunerations exceeding 25 crores and reaching Rs 30 crores. Balakrishna, Nani, and Ravi Teja fall into this category.

Meanwhile, Nagarjuna, Nithiin, Sharwanand, and Sai Dharam are commanding more than 10 crores.

A-listers like Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, and Pawan are in the range of over 60 crores, while Bunny and Prabhas have reached the 100-crore mark. On the lower end, actors like Allari Naresh and Sri Vishnu are in the range of four to five crores.

Given this landscape, it appears that hero Ram is also acknowledging that his remuneration might be on the higher side. Ram's career trajectory hasn't been exceptional, with a considerable gap since his last hit.

After "iSmart Shankar," he faced two flops. Now he is on 'Double iSmart." Despite this, it seems his remuneration quote for a new project is between 20 to 25 crores.

Recently, when a prominent producer sought to collaborate with a commercial director, Ram's name came up in discussions. However, upon learning about the remuneration exceeding 25 crores, the producer opted for another hero.

The impact of the downturn in the non-theatrical market has not yet fully hit Tollywood. Most films slated for release in 2024 have already secured non-theatrical deals, mitigating potential issues.

Producers are now realizing that medium-budget films may no longer be sustainable. The trend is shifting towards either embracing small cult films or investing in big-budget productions.

Insiders in Tollywood predict that it won't be long before this shift fully manifests, resulting in the full stop to the careers of many mid-range heroes.

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