Psychological Game Of Intelligent Director

This is the story of a top director engaged in a manipulative psychological game with a production company named 'X,' with whom he has been collaborating for years.

According to an agreement between the two parties, the production company 'X' is obligated to exclusively work on films with this director.

However, to create opportunities for other directors, the same production house 'X' initiated another banner named 'Y' without involving this director.

Eventually, the director hinted at the desire to start his own banner to focus on smaller films.

Worried that this move might distance the director from their banner, the production house 'X' offered a stake in their second banner 'Y,' where films with other directors were being produced.

The icing on the cake is that the stake is only on profits, with the director having no share in losses.

This dynamic has persisted for years. Recently, the director experienced a major flop under the banner 'X.'

Anticipating a possible reduction in remuneration or changes in terms, the director hinted that he was considering working with other producers.

This instilled fear once again in the production company 'X,' leading them to settle all financial matters without imposing any conditions, despite the commercial failure of the movie.

The intelligence of this director is a topic of discussion in the film industry. He adeptly knows how to keep his producers under control, keeping their hair in his fist.

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