Buzz: No Change In Behavior Despite Disasters

Everyone harbors a desire for publicity and fame, and the film industry is a prime avenue for achieving it.

While actors easily attain high popularity, other behind-the-scenes technicians receive less recognition.

However, some directors surpass even the heroes in enthusiasm, yearning for greater fame. In the past, a director became known for his overly enthusiastic promotional tactics and earned a reputation for audacity.

Subsequently, this director faced a string of flops and gradually faded into obscurity. In later years, an opportunity presented itself, with many expecting him to prove. Despite this, he persists in adhering to practices that were criticized in the past.

Operating under the guise of "working stills," he continues to release numerous photos. While he releases one still with the hero, he opts for four featuring himself. If he were a star director, then the dynamics might change, but such is not the case here.

Unit members are growing increasingly disgusted with his photo and publicity obsession. Other directors and actors have started cracking jokes about him.

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