Mangalavaaram's Director Plans Big for His Next

"Mangalavaaram" did not achieve the anticipated success that its creators had envisioned.

Nevertheless, the film brought much-needed solace to the director, Ajay Bhupathi, affirming that the success of "RX 100" was not a mere stroke of luck. Bhupathi showcased genuine talent and displayed technical proficiency.

Following the failure of his second film, "Maha Samudram," many concluded that the success of "RX 100" was solely attributed to its provocative content. However, Bhupathi defied these assumptions with his third film, "Mangalavaaram."

A former protégé of Ram Gopal Varma, Bhupathi approaches filmmaking in a distinctive manner compared to his mentor. Currently, he is diligently working on his next project.

There are speculations suggesting that he is in discussions with a couple of young heroes, with one particular actor showing a keener interest in collaborating with him.

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