Upcoming Summer Releases: Hopes On Two Films

Only one month is left for the summer season to leave. Apart from Virupaksha, there hasn't been a single major hit at the summer box office so far. And which movies will provide the grand finale to this summer? What exciting movies are releasing in June?

In the first week of this month, seven movies are lined up for release, but only three of them are noteworthy. One of these is the movie "Ahimsa," which marks the debut of Daggubati's successor, Abhiram, as the hero. Directed by Teja, "Ahimsa" has moderate expectations.

Alongside "Ahimsa," two other movies called "Nenu Student Sir" and "Pareshan" are also releasing. Bellamkonda Ganesh plays the lead role in "Nenu Student Sir," and Avantika, Bhagyashree's daughter, is introduced as the heroine. Produced by Nandi Satish, this movie has garnered attention with its impressive trailer.

"Pareshan" is generating buzz through its promotions, with Rana himself promoting the film. While brother's film is also releasing on one side, Rana is actively promoting "Pareshan" and creating hype around it.

Among the movies releasing tomorrow, these three films are highly anticipated. Additionally, movies like "Chakravyuham," "IQ," "Abhilasha," and "Bangaru Telangana" are also hitting theaters.

In the second week, Siddharth's movies "Takkar" and "Vimanam" are ready for release. However, there aren't high expectations for these two films. Siddharth describes "Takkar" as a pure commercial movie and mentions his martial arts training for the role.

Despite the presence of actors like Anasuya, Samudrakhani, and Rahul Ramakrishna in "Vimana," the buzz surrounding the film is minimal. The trailer was released today, so let's wait and see if it generates more hype.

The movie "Adipurush" is set to release in the third week of this month. It is the only big movie coming out in June, and there are high expectations for it, starring Prabhas. The promotional campaign for the film has already reached its peak, with consecutive release of lyrical videos. A grand pre-release function is also scheduled in a few days. Directed by Om Raut, the film features Prabhas as Raghav, Kriti Sanan as Janaki, and Saif Ali Khan as Raavan.

Alongside "Adipurush," there are also expectations surrounding the "Spy" that will be released at the end of the month. Nikhil plays the lead role in this film, directed by editor-turned-director Gary. The movie explores the secrets of Subhash Chandra Bose's life, and the teaser has already received a positive response.

These are the movies currently scheduled for June. More movies are likely to be announced for the 23rd and 29th. However, all eyes are on "Adipurush"  and "Spy" as they have the potential to end the summer season with a blockbuster finish.

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