Thaman is Happy Despite Getting Trolled

Rumors quickly spread that Mahesh Babu was dissatisfied with the work of music director SS Thaman and that he had ordered Trivikram to fire Thaman from the project.

However, Thaman was ultimately retained and is currently working on "Guntur Kaaram." His music and name were featured in the title reveal video.

Thaman is known for creating hype before releasing a video or poster, often teasing fans with frequent updates on social media.

However, in the case of "Guntur Kaaram," he refrained from doing so, reportedly following Trivikram's advice to avoid excessive promotion.

Nevertheless, Thaman is relieved that his name was included in the video and poster.

Although some trolls have pointed out similarities between the music in "Guntur Kaaram" and a Tamil film by Anirudh, he remains unconcerned.

His main relief stems from the fact that he was not fired from the project.

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